Christmas Spirit and Daily Painting

I just completed my fourth painting in my daily painting study, a white Christmas bulb with a red bow. I missed yesterday because we drove to Norfolk to visit my step-son, his wife and our two granddaughters. It was an extra special day because my husband has been growing out his beard since the end of September in an effort to be Santa for the girls. Avery is just about twenty months and Quinn is seven and a half months. This visit was so much fun! Avery's vocabulary is growing so fast and Quinn just started crawling. Grandpa Santa was a hit with Quinn but big sister was very tentative. She cried like he was a mall Santa! Grandpa looks different with the beard and as it turns out, the hat scared her even when Daddy wore it.

As we drove home we listened to Christmas music and set up the Christmas trees after dinner. It was a great day and really got us in the mood for the holidays. Which is why I chose a Christmas bulb for my subject. It is also why I couldn't concentrate this morning while painting. All I could think of was running to Target for a new tree topper. Last year I was so busy with the studio business that I didn't enjoy the holidays until the last minute. I have decided that will not happen this year!

My goal with this 6x6 painting was to paint with a larger brush and be loose. I was tempted to get caught in the details. Realizing I don't have time for that I got frustrated. I kept thinking about all I have to do today other than paint (and that I would rather be Christmas shopping right now). Today I was not in the "Flow" of things and I was not practicing mindfulness in the moment. It was a good observation and I told myself I can always paint another bulb when I have more time. The point of my daily painting effort is small studies in under an hour. Learn what you can, relax and move on to bigger things!

Merry Christmas!

Draw, Paint, Meditate


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