Conquering the Coffee Cup

The last two daily paintings have been coffee cups. They represent two different experience. Yesterday's painting was not my best work for a simple reason. My heart and mind were not in it. I had to rush through it so I could get to a class I had to teach (haha...the class is at a local coffee shop...I just realized this...). I knew I did not have enough time. In my effort to loosen up and be fast I used a larger brush and tried to work quickly. I had some challenges. This morning I decided I would not let the coffee cup win. I grabbed one of my favorite cups from the cabinet and went back in.

My yoga teacher says the pose we don't like is usually the one we need the most. I hate fish pose. I don't struggle with the pose physically but it does mess up my hair. Ok, so I need more coffee cups. I love coffee, let's do this. I went about this one with more of my usual style, a rough sketch. This gave me more confidence. Maybe next time I will combine the two, a simple sketch as a guide and then move to the large brush for a more playful technique. I had a canvas with a blue background already set up so I used that one. I am not sure how I feel about that yet. I have completed six paintings and I am noticing that the two that were stressful were the two I was rushing because I had to get out the door, or I was distracted. Maybe it isn't coffee cups. Maybe it is time and focus that I need more of in my life, mindfulness. When I am centered and truly expirencing artistic flow then I am happy. I can say the same about my yoga practice. It's the days I completely let go and give myself the time deserved that I have the best moments and my body rewards me with strength, calm and goals are reached.

Draw, Paint, Meditate


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