Yoga and Barre

Danielle is a 200-Hr Registered Yoga Teacher working on her 500-Hr certification.  She is a Certified Barre Instructor.  She has an MA in Artistic Meditation and hosts Art & Yoga workshops quarterly.  Danielle is available for classes, workshops and private appointments.  She turned to yoga as a form of stress reduction and to relieve back pain.  That journey has inspired her to share the practice with others.  As a Certified Barre Above Trainer and Personal Trainer, she looks to help yogis incorporate additional strength to their journey.  

Danielle's classes are appropriate for all levels and she is experienced at helping beginners and those with challenges find appropriate modifications.  Yoga is a practice that is of the mind and can create comfort in the body and spirit.  Range of motion, strength, core stability, relaxation and confidence are at the top of her list.  


Barre is a fusion of ballet, yoga, Pilates and strength training. The class uses a variety of equipment including a ball, sliders and light weights or resistance bands. Participants can use a ballet barre, chair or the wall for balance and stability.  Barre features a long warm-up, low to non-impact style workout and stretching with relaxation to close.  While this is a structured resistance training program, it is tailored to the individual’s fitness needs and can be set at their own pace.  The music is upbeat and the atmosphere is fun!

In graduate school Danielle spent two years researching meditation and is passionate about teaching her students how a daily meditation practice can enhance their lives.  Everyone can meditate.  As little as three minutes of quiet time a day can improve general health, outlook on life and, improve energy and sleep habits.  She recommends Meditative Your Weight by Tiffany Cruikshank as a great book for getting started.  Danielle offers her own guided meditation here

Never Stop Learning 


Danielle is currently enrolled in Yoga Medicine's 500-Hr training program, working towards an advanced certification.  Yoga Medicine is an anatomy-based program that looks to intertwine western medicine and yoga.  Learning Modules and Immersions offer topics including orthopedics, women's health, myofascial release and cadaver laboratory dissection. Upon completion of the hands-on education and case study requirement, she will be eligible for the Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist designation.  


Danielle is also working towards an 800-hour yoga therapy certification through Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy School.  Breathing Deeply is an accredited school by the International Association of Yoga Therapists and Danielle will be eligible for the certification exam upon completion of her studies.  Yoga Therapy offers a personalized private yoga practice for clients looking for comfort from “dis-ease” by increasing an individual’s pain free range of motion and promoting a consistent meditation and movement practice. 


Both programs will enhance Danielle’s ability to work one-on-one with clients and their healthcare provider in order to find a yoga practice that is a therapeutic compliment to medical care. 

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