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We Are All Creating Something

I have always felt a strong desire to make things. I was a crafty kid and my Mom was supportive with glue guns, beads, markers, etc. When she found out I was watching Bob Ross on Saturdays while she was at work, she bought me paints, canvas, and an easel so I could paint with Bob. My teen years were full of happy little trees, and no one at school even knew.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be able to paint and build, and sometimes it just wasn't there - maybe because I didn't have the skill yet or couldn't fully come up with the idea because of a lack of experience. The important thing is that I didn't give up.

I spent years quietly practicing, reading how-to books, and eventually, I took some classes at the local community college. Then I spent more years quietly practicing. The important thing is I didn't give up.

Now I paint, write, cook, design websites, create content and marketing plans… I have even made humans… best art projects EVER. It feels good to make things- to not give up. I am always learning, and that comes with knowing that if I want more and don't give up, I can do it.

In Virginia, I owned an art studio where I sold art supplies, taught art lessons, and sold my artwork. Once a woman came into my store and was admiring my artwork. She told me she was not creative. After chatting with her, she mentioned she was a quilter. I was shocked. I asked for pictures, and they were beautiful. Her color, patterns, and patience blew me away.

(Fabric arts and sewing are not my thing!)

And yet, she had no idea that she was creating something beautiful. She just noticed it wasn’t the same as mine. Why do we do that?

Sometimes we don’t see the creativity in ourselves. We are too busy comparing ourselves to others and judging what is out in the world. And honestly, is that really fair to those people? They put in the work, went to school, practiced, and have different stories. The only thing we are responsible for is OUR STORY… and that will always be unique to you.

We are all creating something,

a business,

a family, or

a new way of looking at life.

Creativity is found

in the way we talk to each other,

how we dress,

or the ability to problem solve.

Creativity is not the ability to draw.

It is what we choose to draw,

or build,








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